Context management product suite

Our product is a suite of software to manage and share context between otherwise disparate applications. The main component of this suite is the context manager which orchestrates the synchronization of context and serves as an intermediary for actions between applications.

To complete the picture we also build a local software layer which can be used to integrate non-CCOW compliant applications allowing them to participate in context sharing sessions.

Software components

Configuration interface

The configuration interface (codename Cuesta) is a beautiful and easy-to-use web interface for configuring the CMR.

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Driver Platform

The Driver Platform (DP) is a Windows specific service which can inspect and control most Windows based applications. It is used to allow non-CCOW compliant applications to take part in a context synchronization session, to automate workflows in applications and to display annotations. It has the ability to function as a standalone Context Manager as well, and can also be configured to use the centralized manager.

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Selected features

HL7 CCOW integration

We are fully compliant with the HL7 CCOW 1.6 specification.

Context and actions main

Our Context Manager also mediates context actions via its context action interface enabling applications to request and execute actions within a given context. An example could be one application asking another to navigate to a specific view maintaining the overall context.

Application Reflection integration

We provide various application drivers to ease application integration or to deal with applications for which it is not possible to implement an internal CCOW ContextParticipant handling.

Centralized management administration

The ability of our context manager to handle multiple concurrent contexts means that one single instance can be deployed to manage many participating applications across many devices. This eases deployment for CCOW-compliant environments and enables centralized reporting and auditing.


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