Product Suite

Context management and automation product suite

Software components

Configuration interface

The configuration interface (codename Cuesta) is a beautiful and easy-to-use web interface for configuring the CMR.

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Driver Platform

The Driver Platform (DP) is a Windows specific service which can inspect and control most Windows based applications. It is used to allow non-CCOW compliant applications to take part in a context synchronization session, to automate workflows in applications and to display annotations. It has the ability to function as a standalone Context Manager as well, and can also be configured to use the centralized manager.

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Selected features

Context Management Registry

The Context Management Registry (CMR) is a database containing configurations and run-time information about the software components involved in context synchronization and automation. All active Context Managers are registered in the CMR and so are all the active action agents. This allows dynamic discovery of context sessions and actions in those sessions and makes them available for the end user. Configurations for the components of the system are also stored in the CMR allowing for a centralized configuration of all applications and their flows.

Sirenia Mobile Context Manager

SIRENIA Mobile Context Manager

The Sirenia Mobile Context Manager enables mobile applications to participate in context synchronization sessions. It can invoke actions and annotations on other mobile or desktop apps.

Application Reflection

We provide various application drivers to ease application integration or to deal with applications for which it is not possible to implement an internal CCOW ContextParticipant handling.

The drivers are custom configured for each type of application and the flows that must be supported. We support the following types of drivers:

  • JAVA/AWT for driving JAVA AWT applications,
  • NATIVE/UIA for driving Windows applications (Windows Forms, WPF, Swing etc),
  • WEB/IE for driving web-based applications that require Internet Explorer,
  • WEB/WD for driving web-based applications in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and
  • NATIVE/CV for driving Citrix and terminal-based applications.

If you have any specific requirements or need a custom driver, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Centralized management

The context manager can handle multiple concurrent contexts whereby one single instance can manage multiple participating applications across many devices. This eases deployment for CCOW-compliant environments and enables centralized reporting and auditing.

Sirenia Data Driven Operational Intelligence

Sirenia DDOI provides operational information about activities and flows across the operational setup.


The Sirenia product suite is fully compliant with the international standard HL7 CCOW.

It implement an HL7 CCOW Context Manager and Context Management Registry plus the multiple feature of CCOW including context actions, annotations etc.

Context and actions

Our Context Manager also mediates context actions via its context action interface enabling applications to request and execute actions within a given context. An example could be one application asking another to navigate to a specific view maintaining the overall context.


Context Actions are a mechanism by which applications may perform actions initiated by other applications operating within the same context. It can be compared to RPC but with the added benefits of occurring with the same security-guaranties and with the complete context of all particpating applications available.

Context actions are thus always executed within the scope of a context and can only occur when the context itself is stable (no ongoing transactions).

Action Flow

The normal flow of executing a context action is as follows:

  1. Context Participant (application #1) requests action A be executed.

  2. Context Manager finds Action Agent (application #2) which is able to execute the action.

  3. Context Manager requests Action Agent to execute action A.

  4. Action agent executes the action (this can involve user interation).

  5. Action agent returns result to Context Manager which in turn forwards it to the initiating partipant (application #1).


The product portfolio is based on the HL7 CCOW standard and implements the Context Manager, Context Management Registry and supports actions, annotations etc. In addition hereto it can instrument non-CCOW compliant application so they can participate in Context sessions. It also supports automation and acts as software robots in and between applications.

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Typically we’d run a connected configuration with a Context Management Registry (Kwanza) and its interface and the let the Driver Platform (Manatee) instances which runs on the local desktops connect to the CMR for its configuration. It is however also possible to run the Manatee without the CMR on a standalone configuration by providing it with an initial configuration.

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