Configuration interface

An easy-to-use configuration interface for the Context Management Registry

The configuration interface (codename Cuesta) is a beautiful and easy-to-use web interface for configuring the CMR.



This page documents the API for interacting with fields and the global objects in flows. In general flows are JavaScript code and thus any valid JavaScript is allowed. See for a JavaScript intro. The objects Inputs, Fields, Dialog, Flow, Wait, Excel and Debug are made available for all flows s.t. they can be accessed in the JavaScript code. Inputs Inputs to a flow can be accessed via the Inputs array.

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JSON Serialisation

JavaDriver JTable A table like so: header 1 header 2 cell 1 cell 2 cell 3 cell 4 Will be serialised as follows: { "columns": [ { "header": "header 1", "index": 0 }, { "header": "header 2", "index": 1 } ], "rows": [ { "header 1": "cell 1", "header 2": "cell 2" }, { "header 1": "cell 3", "header 2": "cell 4" } ] } Within the flow (in JavaScript) the read table could be accessed;

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